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– S. Ovalle

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– R. Alvarado

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Señor Sudz Express Car Wash offers the absolute latest in Car Wash Technology from SONNY’S – The Car Wash Factory – providing the safest & most advanced methods for washing your car or truck! 

Experience the FOAM!

The Original Freaky Foamer

For the first time at our San Antonio Car Washes, Señor Sudz Express Car Wash is excited to offer Señor’s Super Sudz Experience!

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No Brushes!

We don’t use brushes to wash your car at Señor Sudz Express Car Wash.  Instead, we use:
  • MicroClean Wash Material
  • NeoGlide Foam Wash Material
  • PermaSoft Wash Material
  • OMNI Automatic Power Wash
  • Señor’s Super Sudz Experience – Experience the FOAM!

Freaky Foamer

2 Ways to Dry!

Señor Sudz Express Car Wash offers two ways to dry your vehicle. Choose a package with one or both options!
  • Power Air Dryers – Included with all car washes
  • Automated Towel Drying! – Our Sudzier & Sudziest Car Wash Packages also include our Buff-N-Dry Automated Towel Drying System!

Freaky Clean Express Car Wash EXCLUSIVE Buff-N-Dry

Convenient Ways to Pay!

Señor Sudz Express Car Wash offers several convenient ways to pay for your car wash! Easily pay using our touchscreen Automated Paystations. Simply touch the Car Wash Package that you want & pay without any pressure from a salesperson!



  • Pay with cash – Change given in $1 and $5 bills!
  • Pay with all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express!
  • Or buy a Customer Value Card & Save! See our Online Store for details!

FREE Vacuums with Every Wash!

Free Vacuums

Señor Sudz Express Car Wash offers FREE Vacuums with every car wash! Once your car is Freaky Clean on the outside, feel free to pull into any of our FREE self-serve, industrial strength Central Vacuum stations – No more quarters to feed into the vacuum, just pull up & use!

Freaky CLEAN and Freaky GREEN!

Señor Sudz Express Car Wash in San Antonio is protecting San Antonio’s environment & aquifers!

Think Green

Señor Sudz Express Car Wash is proud to be San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Certified WaterSaver Vehicle Wash Facilities!  Our state-of-the-art car wash process incorporates using an estimated 72% cleaned, recycled water! Now that’s Freaky GREEN!

SAWS Certified Vehicle Wash Facility

With Stage 3 water restrictions right around the corner, current Stage 2 drought conditions in San Antonio have restricted washing your car or truck at home to once per week, on Saturday or Sunday, so long as there is no water wasted. When your dirty, sudsy water runs down your driveway, it ends up in the San Antonio storm drains & groundwater. Why bother pulling out the hose & bucket when Señor Sudz Express Car Wash can keep your car sparkling clean 7 days a week without allowing that harmful runoff!

Señor Sudz Express Car Wash also uses several devices that save electricity, too!

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